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Cambridge Hall Updates

Cambridge Hall Updates

This page contains up-to-date information for students assigned to Cambridge Hall for the 2023-24 academic year.

TUESDAY, AUG. 8 UPDATE: Cambridge Hall closing for academic year

An email was sent to all students on Tuesday, Aug. 8 announcing the university’s decision to close Cambridge Hall for the year. In July, the university discovered a water intrusion issue that was caused by severe storms. The issues were exacerbated by extreme heat and humidity in July and early August. The university determined that the timeline for completing repairs did not allow us to guarantee that students would be able to move in without further disruption. This was a decision made in the best interest of Auburn students.

Read the email announcement here.

Off-Campus Housing Information

Auburn University is working closely with local property managers to  identify vacancies and provide students and families with access to continually updated information posted online. Local rental companies are aware of the situation and working with the university to help with available off-campus residences.

Off-campus housing partners with vacancies, updated Aug. 10, 1 p.m.

• Auburn Flats, 334-887-5500

• Auburn Realty, 334-887-8777

• Beacon, 334.248.9644

• Collective, 334.888.8461

• Creekside of Auburn, 334.321.2356

• Dwell Logan Square, 334.451.3722

• Evans Realty, 334.821.7098

• French Quarter (formerly Garden District), 334.826.0550

• Grayton on Dean, 334.821.2512

• Hayley Management, 334.319.4724

• Liberty Properties, 334.821.1600

• Cottages at Ross Park (Liberty Properties), Text Lindsay Robinson at 334.2756952

• Midtown, 334.332.5888

• The Mill, 334.821.3301

• Samford Glenn, 334.845.8184

• Summer Brooke, 334.821.5880

• Summer Wind, 334.821.4650

• The Vue on Glenn/Dean/Ross (Part of 360 Management), 334.752.0021

• YUGO North (formerly Copper Beech), 334.599.9990

Virtual Off-Campus Housing Fair: Friday, Aug. 11
University Housing will host a virtual property fair from 11 a.m. to noon, Friday, Aug. 11 to connect you directly with off-campus leasing agents whose properties have vacancies. Join the Virtual Off-Campus Housing Fair using this link.

How to Contact University Housing

University Housing has a dedicated team on call to answer your questions about Cambridge move-in. We are working diligently to respond to your emails and return your calls. The questions we receive are added to our Frequently Asked Questions section below, and we encourage you to check there for answers to common concerns.

Cambridge Hall Move-In Team

University Housing Main Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Auburn University decide to close Cambridge Hall for the year?
When repairing water intrusion issues caused by severe summer rainstorms, we discovered additional moisture concerns further exacerbated by significant rainfall and extreme heat and humidity throughout July and early August. Remediation efforts dictated a timeline that does not allow us the ability to guarantee that students could move to Cambridge without additional disruption to their Auburn experience. We did not come to this decision lightly and remain committed to assisting you in securing alternate housing as quickly as possible. 

Why didn’t Auburn let students know sooner that we were not going to be able to move into Cambridge Hall?
Teams from across the university and external contractors and remediators worked around the clock with the goal of moving students in Cambridge Hall this fall. After beginning repair work and assessing the timeline needed to have the building ready for move-in, we determined it was not feasible to have students move to Cambridge without additional disruption to their Auburn experience.  

Is the university paying for the hotel accommodations?
Yes. The university is covering the costs of all hotel rooms for students who are assigned to Cambridge Hall. This includes only the cost of the room. Incidentals, such as room service or other additional charges, are not included. Auburn is paying the hotel directly for the rooms. 

If the university is covering the cost of the hotel, are there additional charges or costs that I will be responsible for?
Students will only be responsible for incidentals, such as room service, or any damages associated with the room upon checkout.  

How will University Housing know I need to stay in a hotel until I can move to Cambridge?
We ask that you email University Housing at to confirm that you need hotel accommodations by 4:45 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 9.  

Do you have enough hotel rooms reserved for all who need rooms?
We have reserved enough rooms to ensure that every student assigned to Cambridge, as well as Resident Assistants and university staff, has their own bed. Some rooms may have two beds and two students assigned; other rooms may have one bed and one student assigned.  

How do I check in to the hotel?
University Housing will work with you to check in to your assigned hotel. The hotel will have your reservation on file at the front desk. They will ask for a credit card for incidentals, such as room service, and other charges.   

Is Auburn providing additional security for students staying in the hotels?
RAs and/or additional University Housing staff will be present at each hotel. Please reference the safety and security tips provided on the University Housing website and Hotel Safety Tips provided on the Campus Safety and Security website.  

Will I have access to laundry at the hotel? Am I responsible for the cost?
Additionally, a free wash and fold laundry service will be provided at all hotels. This will consist of a weekly scheduled pick-up with a two-day return. Students also have access to the free university laundry facility located at Quad Center.   Contact your Resident Assistant to learn more about laundry options. 

Will there be desks within the rooms where we can still have a workspace?
Each hotel room has a workspace available for guests.  

Will linens be provided at the hotel? What about microwaves or refrigerators? 
Yes, the hotel provides linens. You may wish to bring a pillow or throw blanket, but it is unnecessary to provide bedding or towels. Each room will have a microwave, coffeemaker and mini fridge for use during your stay. 

How long will Auburn University provide a hotel room for me? What if I need to stay longer?
You will continue to have university-provided hotel accommodations through Wednesday, Aug. 30. It is imperative that you secure alternate housing arrangements before Aug. 30. If you do not have a long-term housing solution in place by Aug. 30, you will be responsible for securing another room in the interim. 

If I incur any incidentals, how will I be charged for those? Is that my responsibility?
When you checked into the hotel, you left a credit card on file at the front desk. This card will be charged for any incidentals or damages incurred during your stay. If you have questions about these charges, please contact the front desk of your hotel. 

I live nearby and do not need to store my belongings. Do I need to let University Housing know?
Please email with your plan.  

Where is the university storing my belongings? Will my things be stored with my roommate or separately?
The university is utilizing a combination of container storage at Cambridge, climate-controlled storage on campus and an off-campus climate-controlled storage facility.  Bulky items not requiring climate-controlled storage, such as a futon in a box, will be labeled with your name and contact information, and placed in container storage at Cambridge Hall. Items being stored in climate-controlled locations will be separated by individual residents. Boxes will be provided and will be grouped by floor and room. Please note, storage is available until Sept. 8, 2023. 

I was notified that my belongings will be stored at a facility off-campus. How do I drop off my items?
For residents scheduled to move in on or after Monday, Aug. 7, storage is provided at a climate-controlled storage facility at 1655 S. College St. Students should arrive at the facility at their scheduled move-in time and will be assisted by University Housing staff. Your move-in time can be confirmed in the University Housing Student Portal. You will be asked to inventory your property during the check-in process. We ask that you do not store any valuables or irreplaceable items. Please note, storage is available until Sept. 8. 

Will you be able to store all my belongings until I move in?
Yes. The university is providing secured, climate-controlled storage through Sept. 8, 2023. Although storage space is available, we strongly encourage you to bring as little as possible, especially if you live close to Auburn.

Can I access my belongings after they are put in storage?
You will not have access to your items until your scheduled delivery or pick-up time. Please note, storage is available until Sept. 8. 

What is the timeframe for moving in and storing things? Can we schedule a time that is convenient for my family and me?
University Housing is working with each student to schedule a time to move items to the storage facility. We will work with you to identify a convenient time for you and your family. Items in storage must be picked up or delivered by Sept. 8.  

What if something is lost or damaged while it is being stored? 
Please keep all valuable property with you. Please do not store anything valuable or irreplaceable. Upon arrival at the storage facility, you will be asked to submit a property inventory, and we encourage you to keep a copy for your records. While we will take all necessary precautions, Auburn University is not responsible for lost or damaged items.   

Packages have been shipped to me at my Cambridge address. How do I get them?
All mail and packages addressed to Cambridge are being held by Auburn University Facilities Management. You may retrieve your items at the main university mail room in the Facilities Complex, Building 8, 1161 W. Samford Ave.  

Since I am not moving to another on-campus location, how will I get my items from university-provided storage?
Auburn will store your belongings through Friday, Sept. 8. Professional movers will deliver your items to your new residence as a courtesy. You may also choose to your items up from the facility yourself. We will work with you to coordinate a day and time to have your items delivered or picked up. Email University Housing at or call 334-844-2449 to schedule a storage move-out time.

How do I schedule delivery to my new address?
When you have a new address and a date when you would like your items delivered to you there, please fill out this form. Property Management is working with students to make sure their items are delivered to their new address when they are needed.

May I park in the hotel parking lot while I am staying there?  
Yes. Parking is provided at the hotel for you.   

I purchased a parking pass for the Resident Overflow lot. Can I get a refund and park at the hotel instead? 
You will still need a parking pass to park on campus, as hotel parking is only available during your stay.  

Will I have access to university transportation while staying at the hotel?
Tiger Transit services will be available at each hotel from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. We will continually evaluate the transit schedule and adjust based on demand. Outside of Tiger Transit operating hours, the Night Security Shuttle, operated by Campus Safety and Security, is available. To coordinate a ride, call 334-844-7400. 

Do I need to purchase a new parking pass for commuter parking?
No, you do not need to purchase a new pass. You will still be able to use your resident parking pass to park on campus. 

Will the university refund my Cambridge Hall fall housing payment?
Yes, your housing contract will be canceled, and a full refund of your fall 2023 housing payment will be processed via eBill. You should receive this reimbursement by Wednesday, Aug. 9. If you have questions about your reimbursement, please contact Student Financial Services by calling 334-844-4634 or by emailing 

Why is the university giving me a $5,000 student emergency transition allowance? How will I get this money?
Auburn is offering you this payment to assist with unexpected expenses that may accompany your transition to off-campus housing. The allowance will be processed via eBill, and you should see it reflected on your account by the second day of class, Thursday, Aug. 16. If you have questions about your transition allowance, please contact Student Financial Services by calling 334-844-4634 or by emailing 

Am I responsible for paying taxes on the emergency transition allowance or dining plan upgrade?
The $5,000 student emergency transition allowance and the monetary value of the meal plan ($403) are taxable. You will receive a Form 1098 from Auburn University.  

I canceled my contract a few days before the email was sent announcing the Cambridge closure. Am I still eligible to receive the $5,000 student emergency transition allowance?
You will still receive the $5,000 student emergency transition allowance. The allowance will be processed via eBill, and you should see it reflected on your account by the second day of class, Thursday, Aug. 17. If you have questions about your transition allowance, please contact Student Financial Services by calling 334-844-4634 or by emailing 

In the email I received from University Housing on Tuesday, Aug. 8, I was told my dining plan would be upgraded. What does that mean?
An additional 5 meal swipes per week and $50 in dining dollars will be added to your dining account. You will see this reflected on your account by Monday, Aug. 14. 

Is living anywhere on campus an option?
On-campus housing is extremely limited. University Housing is working to identify any available rooms and will offer them to students in the order in which your housing application was submitted. If you are offered a room on campus, you will pay the Cambridge rate for your new residence, with a $1,000 discount (for the year) applied. An exception is if you are re-assigned to a room in the Hill residences, which is lower than the Cambridge rate. If you are re-assigned to the Hill, you will still receive a $1,000 discount (for the year). 

Is there an up-to-date list of available properties for rent? Can Auburn help me find somewhere to live?
An updated list of properties or property management companies with availability will be posted on the Cambridge Updates website and updated frequently. We are working very closely with property managers in the community to help you secure new housing. University Housing will host a virtual housing fair with local property management company representatives who will share their available properties. You will receive an email with a link to join the virtual housing fair. Local rental companies are aware of the situation and working with the university to help you transition to off-campus housing. 

This situation is very stressful and overwhelming.  Will Auburn follow up with students to see how they are doing?
Auburn Cares will reach out to all students impacted by the Cambridge Hall relocation via email in mid-September.  Auburn Cares staff are available to offer support, assistance, and resources.  Students needing support can connect with Auburn Cares at 334-844-1305 or

I am struggling to navigate the university system and don’t know where to start.  Who can help point me in the right direction and connect me with resources?
Auburn Cares is here to help if you are struggling or need support at any time during your academic career.  The Auburn Cares office assists with issues related to academics, mental or physical health, personal challenges, financial hardships, and food insecurity.  Auburn Cares staff work with students to identify resources and develop personal action plans.  You can speak with an Auburn Cares staff member by calling 334-844-1305 or emailing

How will the university support Cambridge students with integrating into campus life and the student experience?Departments across Student Affairs are working to engage students in their activities and resources.
The Student Involvement office is providing multiple opportunities to help affected students engage in campus activities, including:
• Hosting a social event specifically for Cambridge students.
• Contacting each Cambridge student through the Involvement Ambassadors, a group of students whose role is to help students get involved.
• Inviting Cambridge students for the Involvement Fair event which includes a variety of student organizations promoting their engagement opportunities.
• Providing Cambridge students VIP seating at the annual fall concert.

What activities help students build community, make friends, and get involved?
During the first 56 days of the semester, a full list of events and engagement opportunities can be found at The First 56 seeks to help new and returning students engage, develop community, and build healthy habits inside and outside the classroom.
Throughout the year, students can continually use the Student Involvement website and AUinvolve to find hundreds of organizations, events, service opportunities, and more to get engaged. Student Involvement encourages students to join two of the more than 500 student organizations available: one for fun to meet peers with similar interests and one that aligns with academic major or career interests to enhance career preparation.
Student Involvement is planning a social event that will be for affected students only.

Last modified: August 11, 2023