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During the 2022-23 academic year, Auburn University will offer one Living Learning Community and two Residential Learning Communities (RLC) options for students living on campus. Residential Learning Communities are available to first-year students in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and the Discover Auburn: Out of State LC. First-year members of the Honors College may live in the Honors College LLC. Please see the living learning communities page for more information.


There is no additional charge to participate in any LLC. LLC member benefits include:

  • Opportunity to live with other ambitious students and expand future professional networks
  • Interaction with faculty and peers about substantive matters
  • Invitations to community-specific events throughout the year

RLC/LLC Application for 2022-2023 will open TBD.


Engineered for Success – Broun Hall (Honors College students) and Holloway Hall (all students)

Engineering is a challenging degree choice and requires students to quickly learn how to manage their work and time, as well as their own learning process to be successful; therefore, the Engineered for Success Residential Learning Community (RLC) focuses on providing students with direct access to an engineering student mentor and an engineering advisor throughout their first year. Students are exposed to a support system that encourages development of good academic habits, learning about engineering as a degree and career choice, and getting connected with the engineering community at Auburn. The final project in the associated first year seminar course requires students to describe their own process of becoming a successful engineering student. Through this RLC you can meet all of your first-semester honor course requirements while also getting involved in the Auburn community!

Students in the Honors College may apply for the RLC and live in Broun Hall (Upper Quad, Honors College housing).

All students – including Honors College students – may apply for the RLC and live in Holloway Hall.


Discover Auburn: Out of State

Are you from out-of-state? Worried about the transition being so far from home? The Discover Auburn: Out-of-State Student Learning Community is designed for students who are looking to discover Auburn while connecting with other students who are also far from home. Students will get to know their new home while learning traditional First Year Seminar topics like time management, study strategies, campus involvement, and career preparation. This Residential Learning Community is designed for students who are at least 6 hours from home. Out-of-State Student Learning Community is designed for students who are looking to discover Auburn while connecting with other students who are also far from home.

Students in the Discover Auburn RLC will live in Harper Hall in the Quad neighborhood

How to join: All RLC students take a first year seminar which serves as the anchor course for the RLC experience and two to three additional courses (usually Core Curriculum courses).

Last modified: October 5, 2021