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Ways to Connect

Ways to Connect


Student’s Auburn Email – Auburn University Housing’s primary method of communication is a student’s Auburn email address. Students must check their Auburn email regularly once accepted to the University to receive important information.

Emails sent to students’ Auburn Email address include: General Housing Information and Timeslot Notification; Important Housing Dates, Deadlines, and Reminders; Student-Specific Information (i.e., Application Timeslot and Confirmation, Room Selection Confirmation, Payment Reminders, etc.). 

Optional Alternative Email – Auburn University Housing is offering students the opportunity to have important housing reminders emailed to a secondary email address. Students may add this information to their housing application on the Personal Details page of the application. This alternate email is optional and not required. This email address could be a personal email or a parent/guardian email.

Emails sent to the Optional Alternative Email address include: General Housing Information; Important Housing Dates, Deadlines, and Reminders.

Housing Student Portal

Auburn University Housing’s Student Portal serves as a hub for all housing processes. Students can apply for housing, cancel their housing application, pay housing application and confirmation fees, register for move-in, and more – all through the housing student portal. Students looking for a roommate can participate in roommate matching and communicate with potential roommates through portal messaging.


Auburn University Housing’s website is a comprehensive place to learn all things about Auburn University Housing. Navigating our site should be easy and informative. Pages on our website may contain more information than in emails so we encourage you to thoroughly read through our housing processes prior to each event. Here is a quick reference guide to how our website is organized. 

Homepage: Important announcements, Important links to current registrations and the residential calendar, Link to our Housing Student Portal 

Resident Info: Current resident information, Move-in/out/hall closing information, Guide to Residential Living 

Apply: Housing Application Information, Housing Terms of Agreement, Housing Cancellation 

Communities: Housing Community Information, Rental Rates, Residence Hall Tour Information and Registration 

About Us: Housing Staff Information, Contact Us, Employment Opportunities  

Social Media 


Facebook – Auburn University Housing Facebook page is primarily geared towards parent/guardians and families. Visit our Facebook page to ensure you receive accurate and up to date housing information. 

Instagram – Auburn University Housing Instagram account is primarily geared toward students and parent/families. Follow us on Instagram to ensure you receive important housing information, dates, deadlines, and reminders. 

TikTok – Auburn University Housing TikTok account is primarily geared towards students, both incoming and current. Follow us on TikTok for housing information presented in an informal but fun way. 

YouTube – Auburn University Housing utilizes YouTube primarily as their video database. However, this is a great resource if you prefer information in video-form as we have both new and historical videos saved on our channel. Our YouTube channel is Auburn University Housing 

 Parent & Family Programs 

Parent & Family Programs offers parents and families a one-stop-shop for all questions regarding their Auburn student. As a department in Student Affairs, Parent & Family Programs is the one office on campus explicitly designed to help parents and families. The Parent & Family portal is a great way for parents and families to stay up to date with important housing dates, deadlines, and reminders.

Last modified: December 14, 2023