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Room Decorating Contest

Room Decorating Contest

The annual room decorating contest is held each fall and is a great way for residents to showcase their room’s transformation into their new on-campus home! Residents are encouraged to enter their room and the winners receive prize baskets with donations from our sponsors. Photos of past winning rooms are featured below.

For 2023, the timeframe to enter the Room Decorating Contest is Friday, September 1, through Friday, September 22 at 11:59pm CT. Winners will be notified via TigerMail and announced on Auburn University Housing social media and website. For questions, please email Auburn University Housing.

Participants who do not abide by the following will have their submissions disqualified:

  • Participants must currently live in an on-campus residence hall.
  • Complete the online application by the deadline. Applications with missing information will be disqualified.
  • Do not include photos of you or your roommates in the room. No visible drug or alcohol paraphernalia, promotional materials, pornography or obscene material. Submissions with photos containing any of the previously mentioned items will be disqualified from the contest. 
  • Both roommates must agree to participate in the contest. Submitted photos that are not approved by both roommates will be removed.
  • All entries must comply with the Residence Hall Community Standards.
  • Entries are judged on the basis of the photographs submitted by residents. In submitting a photo, residents give permission for any images taken during this process to be used indefinitely on Auburn University or departmental website and in marketing materials for the purposes of providing visual examples of on-campus living. Additionally, winning entries may be asked for permission to have photos taken of their room.

Residents should not invest money into improving their rooms solely for the purpose of this contest. Room entries are not judged on how luxurious they appear; instead, entries are judged on the innovative and creative ways that residents have worked together to personalize their rooms.

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Last modified: August 24, 2023