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Community Standards

Abiding by Housing Community Standards enables all residents to have a welcoming, safe, and inclusive living environment. All students living on campus must abide by the community standards listed below as well as the policies described in the Student Policy eHandbook.

  • All Residents are expected to abide by all provisions of the Code of Student Conduct related to alcohol and drugs.
  • The possession, distribution or consumption of alcohol in University operated residence halls is prohibited, regardless of age. Public intoxication is also prohibited.
  • The possession of empty alcohol containers in a residence hall room or suite or any other area of the residence hall is prohibited.
  • The possession, distribution or use of illegal drugs in University operated residence halls is prohibited.
  • Knowingly being in the presence of alcohol or illegal drugs, whether or not the substance is actively being used, is prohibited.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia, such as materials for the intended or implied use of controlled substances or paraphernalia possessing illegal drug residue, including but not limited to devices and/or materials used to prepare, manufacture, use, or conceal the use of drugs or for any drug related use, is prohibited.
  • A resident may not use any facilities or areas of the residence halls, including the room/suite assigned to the resident, for any commercial purpose or activity without permission from the Director of Residence Life.
  • No one is permitted to place materials on, at, or under resident room/suite doors unless for official University business or communication between known acquaintances. At no time and under no circumstances will door-to-door solicitation be permitted within the residence halls.
  • Failure to present photo identification or knowingly presenting Residence Life, Housing or other authorized staff with false or misleading identification is prohibited.
  • Residents are expected to comply with reasonable requests from Housing, Residence Life staff or other authorized staff. Failure to comply with verbal, written, or published rules, regulations, instructions, or request for information when staff are acting within the scope of their duties is prohibited.


  • The use of alcohol beverage containers of any type for decoration or display is prohibited.
  • Combustible decorations must not be put on the ceiling, in the entryway, on the door, or near heat sources such as light bulbs.
  • Room decorations are permitted except for hanging blankets, tapestries, or fishnets, provided the decorations do not cover more than 50 percent of the wall or window space.
  • Any method of affixing decorations that puts holes in or mars walls, woodwork, doors, or furnishings; removes paint; or leaves behind a residue is prohibited.
  • Painting any surface of any room or any other University property is prohibited.
  • Signs or posters on room doors facing the interior hallway must be kept within the door frame (South Donahue and Village) or University provided bulletin board (Hill and Quad) and must have the approval of all roommates.
  • The use of any adhesive materials on university furniture, fixtures, walls, or doors, including but not limited to adhesive-backed shelf paper, adhesive-backed wallpaper, and adhesive-backed LED light strips, is prohibited.
  • The use of natural cut trees, branches, or greens is prohibited.
  • No decorations, flags, banners, or other items may be hung on the exterior of the residence hall nor draped from or obstruct a window or doorway of any resident room/suite or residence hall entry.


  • The installation of air conditioners by residents is prohibited.
  • The dismantling of doors, furniture, or any other University property is prohibited.
  • Placing furniture in hallways is prohibited.
  • The use of lofts other than those leased from a vendor approved by University Housing is prohibited.
  • Removal of furniture in lounges and public areas is prohibited.
  • All University furnishings and fixtures must remain in the room at all times. University furniture may not be removed from the residence halls.
  • In the Quad and Hill, placing furniture less than two feet from the heating/air conditioning unit is prohibited.
  • The use of water beds is prohibited.
  • The removal or opening of stops designed to limit the opening of the window, either permanently or for a short period of time, is prohibited.

Health and Wellness

  • Appliances prohibited in all residence halls include, but are not limited to: air-conditioning units, ceiling fans, halogen lamps, personal microwaves exceeding 700 watts, personal refrigerators exceeding 4.3 cubic feet, dishwashers, hot plates, personal washers and dryers, space heaters, appliances with open or exposed heating coils, and those which pose an electrical overload hazard.
  • In the Hill and Quad residence halls, crockpots, toaster ovens and toaster are prohibited.
  • Resident use of chemicals or aerosol sprays for insect or pest control is prohibited.
  • Residents are responsible for cleaning their room, bathroom, and suite. Rooms must be maintained in good sanitary condition and must be returned in as good repair as when possession was taken, ordinary wear and tear is the only exception.


  • Regardless of size of fire or whether or not damage is caused, starting and/or maintaining a fire or causing an explosion in any residence hall or outside area is prohibited.
  • The burning of candles and/or incense is prohibited. Candles may be used for decoration but the wick cannot be burnt.
  • Removing, tampering with, and/or the disabling of fire alarm pull stations, smoke or heat detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkler heads or other life safety equipment is prohibited.
  • Interference with or non-adherence to evacuation procedures in the residence halls during a fire drill are prohibited. Returning to the residence halls before the “all-clear” signal has been given after a fire drill is prohibited.
  • The storage, possession, or use of any type of fireworks, firecracker, or explosive material in the residence halls or surrounding vicinity is prohibited.
  • The use of extension cords is prohibited.
  • Activating a fire alarm without due cause and/or falsely reporting a fire to the police or fire department is prohibited.
  • The storage, possession, or use of flammable materials/liquids in the residence halls is prohibited. Gas grills and gas cylinders/tanks are prohibited.


  • The addition of locks to room/suite doors, closets, or any other University property is prohibited.
  • All keys and access cards (a.k.a., TigerCard) are the property of Auburn University. Any duplication of University keys is strictly prohibited.
  • Residents are prohibited from giving and/or loaning their keys or TigerCard to anyone for any reason.
  • Residents are expected to carry their keys with them at all times. Lockouts due to not reporting a lost key or choosing not to carry one’s key is prohibited. Residents may be asked to show their key to staff assisting with the lock out. Residents with more than three lock outs per semester or who are unable to show their keys to staff will be referred to Residence Life staff.
  • Any student vacating a residence hall for any reason – including but not limited to withdrawal from the University, moving to a different residence hall, and moving out at the end of the academic year – must return all keys upon vacating the room/suite.

Hall Access

  • Propping doors to or within the residence hall is prohibited.
  • Gaining access to the residence halls by any means other than through a door with card access is prohibited.
  • Residents are prohibited from entering onto residence hall roofs, porch roofs, window or other ledges, and roofs in breezeways for any purpose, except in case of an emergency.
  • Allowing anyone other than a resident of the residence hall or a personal guest to gain entry to the residence hall is prohibited.
  • The use of a window as an entrance is prohibited. The use of a window as an exit is prohibited, except in case of an emergency.
  • Creating noise that impedes someone else’s ability to sleep or study in his or her room/suite is prohibited. Upon reasonable request, residents and their guests are expected to reduce or eliminated the noise they are making.
  • 24-hour quiet study hours are in effect from Study Days and through final exams.
  • Amplified sound directed out of room/suite windows is prohibited.
  • Engaging in physical games of any kind in the residence halls is prohibited.
  • Playing musical instruments in any resident’s room or common area is prohibited when it causes disruption to other residents.
  • No resident may unreasonably interfere with another resident’s right to quiet.
  • Quiet hours in all residence halls are 10 pm to 10 am every day.

Pets, except fish, are prohibited in the residence halls. The fish tank cannot exceed twenty (20) U.S. gallons and all residents of the room or suite agree to have a fish tank in the room. Only one fish tank is permitted per room. Resident are responsible for caring for the fish over breaks when the halls are closed.

  • To provide for general safety and welfare in the residence halls, the University reserves the right to enter and inspect rooms for health or safety reasons, for fire safety, during an emergency, to protect life or property from imminent danger, or to provide repair or maintenance services.
  • Absent an emergency or imminent threat to health or safety or regularly scheduled room/suite inspections, no search of the room/suite contents will be made without either consent of a resident of the room/suite or a search warrant, except as otherwise permitted by law. University provided refrigerators and microwaves may be opened and inspected.
  • Residents are responsible for removing all garbage and recycling from their living space in a timely manner. Trash and recycling may only be placed in designated containers.
  • The disposal of used hypodermic needles and syringes anywhere except specifically approved “Sharps” containers is prohibited.


  • Guests must be escorted at all times by the host resident.
  • Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
  • Overnight guests may not occupy or sleep in common areas of residence halls (i.e., lobbies or lounges).
  • A resident may not host more than three guests at one time.
  • A resident may have no more than two overnight guests at any one time, provided all roommates/suitemates approve.
  • Only residents assigned by University Housing may reside in their assigned rooms/suites. Residents may not invite or permit any other person to reside in their assigned room/suite or in any other area of the residence hall.
  • Overnight guest privileges are limited to a maximum of two consecutive nights and a total of eight nights per resident per semester.


  • Quad and Hill residents may host guests from 10 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday.
  • Village and South Donahue residents may host guests from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. each day.
  • Residents can visit other residents in the same building at any time, as long as they are invited and all roommates consent.


Cohabitation, the continual residing of two or more residents or guests who are not roommates, is prohibited.


Loitering in or around the residence halls is prohibited.

Last modified: August 25, 2023