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Accessible Housing Accommodations

Accessible Housing Accommodations

Auburn University Housing provides accommodations to students with disabilities. This includes wheelchair accessible units, as well as accommodations to address other disability-related concerns. A variety of medical illnesses, disabilities and, psychological conditions may necessitate an accommodation in the housing assignment process. A few examples of disability-related considerations in residence halls or rooms are the following: a residence hall with an elevator, a residence hall with a private and/or accessible washroom, or a single room. To begin the process of requesting a housing accommodation, please register with the Office of Accessibility, or contact their office at 334-844-2096 or Students are encouraged to begin the housing accommodation process as early as possible.

Students in need of a personal care assistant (PCA) must request key and/or swipe card access to their residence hall for each PCA. Proof of successful completion of a criminal background check for each PCA must be provided. Students are advised to begin the PCA access process at least four weeks prior to the date the student will move into their residence hall. Contact AU Housing for additional information about how to register your PCA(s) for residence hall access.

To request an Emotional Support Animal accommodation as defined by The Fair Housing Act, please register with the Office of Accessibility and provide the necessary documentation as soon as you are aware of your need.

Last modified: April 26, 2024