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Standby Update: Students that were not able to select a room during room selection are now considered on standby. As students cancel their housing, University Housing will assign students off standby to those spaces. Room assignments are made based off the order in which a student’s housing application was submitted.

How do spaces become available for students on standby?

Students that participated in room selection and have a room assignment have until May 1 to cancel their application and room assignment. Some students may decide to go off campus or go to another university all together. These cancellations create vacancies for students to be assigned off the standby. Additionally, any student that has a room assignment and does not pay their Assignment Confirmation Prepayment by the May 1 deadline will be dropped from their housing assignment. This is another opportunity to create vacancies for students on standby.

How do we know if we are assigned off standby?

We encourage students on standby to check their Auburn email daily, if possible. In addition to this being our main method of communication, this is also the way we will notify students if we are able to assign them off standby. Students that are assigned off standby will have a short turnaround time to cancel their assignment if they wish to cancel. This cancellation deadline will be listed in the assignment email.

Will I have a cancellation deadline if I receive a housing assignment during manual assignments?

Yes. However, the turnaround time is VERY short because we are trying to get through the standby list as fast as possible. Usually, students will have 3 business days to cancel their application and assignment once we manually assign them to a bed. This cancellation deadline will be located in the assignment email sent to student’s Auburn email account.

Do I have to pay the Assignment Confirmation Prepayment if I am manually assigned?

No. Students that are manually assigned do not have to pay the assignment confirmation prepayment.

What are my chances of getting on-campus housing?

It is hard for us to estimate if/when a student will receive on-campus housing. Historically, we have been able to work through our standby list as students continue to cancel throughout the summer. Our recommendation is to stay on standby as long as you feel comfortable. We are happy to provide updates periodically if you would like to give us a call or email us to check on your status.

I no longer want to be on standby, what should I do?

Students looking for off-campus housing can visit to view off-campus housing options. Students can filter communities by price, location to campus, and more.

Important Note: It is important to cancel your housing application if you find off-campus housing. This will ensure that you are not assigned on-campus housing if we get to you on the standby list.

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Last modified: June 15, 2023