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Housing Agreement

The Housing Agreement is the student’s contract with Auburn University for the academic year. Students must pay rent to the University while enrolled. No rent refund will be issued for withdrawals after the 15th class day. No subleases are allowed.

Break Closing: The University does not provide temporary housing during breaks. With the exception of South Donahue, 160 Ross and 191 College, all residence halls close during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring Breaks. Residents may not stay in the other halls during breaks and not allowed to enter the halls until the halls officially re-open. Be aware that there may be interruption in utility services (i.e., heat, air conditioning, electricity, water) due to maintenance that can only be accomplished during breaks. Be sure to unplug all electronics before leaving for break. During breaks, Auburn’s Property Management personnel may move furniture or other items in order to service heating/air conditioning units in the Hill and Quad.

Cancellation during the Semester: Students who move out during the semester must submit the Cancellation Request Form and properly check out with a staff member. Students who are not released from their lease will be billed for the remainder of the Fall and/or Spring semesters.

Cancellation for Spring Semester: To cancel the Lease Agreement (subject to its Terms, which may include continued rent payment) students must submit the Cancellation Request Form to the Housing Office.

Check In: All residents, new or returning, are required to check in with a hall staff member. This process includes receiving appropriate keys, reviewing and signing the Room Condition Form, and receiving other information from the University Housing. Residents who fail to complete this process are billed an Improper Check-In fee of $100.

Check Out: When vacating an assigned room, residents must follow these check-out procedures:

  • Thoroughly clean all University property, including appliances.
  • Properly dispose of personal garbage and dispose of in provided dumpsters. Do not leave trash in the room or outside the door. In all areas, large items to be discarded must be carried to a dumpster, not left outside the door or in the suite.
  • Sign up for a check-out appointment or complete an Express Check-Out form. A staff member will inspect the condition of the vacated space and note any damages or cleaning charges on the Room Condition Form.
  • Turn in all keys to a Housing staff member. Any keys not returned will result in a lock change ($100) on the student’s eBill.
  • Residents who fail to complete this process are billed for Improper Check-Out ($100), as well as charges for keys not returned and/or for cleaning and/or damages beyond normal wear and tear.
  • At the end of the Spring Semester, participate in Auburn’s Check Out for Charity program. Donated food and household items benefit local nonprofit groups and charities.


Collective Damage Assessment: Residents of each building are collectively responsible for maintaining the condition of all public areas in the building. When damages occur as the result of reckless behavior or vandalism that cannot be attributed to an individual(s), then all residents of the building may be charged.

Damages: Residents are billed for damages which include but are not limited to: destruction of University property; defacing walls, doors, windows, floors, or trim; putting holes in doors or walls; painting University property; leaving stains or tape, glue, or putty residue; and fire/smoke/water damage due to negligence or vandalism.

Room Change Requests: Students interested in changing residence hall rooms may not do so until the designated semester room change week. To request a room change, students must complete the Room Change Request Form that will be emailed to their Tigermail account one week prior to Room Change Week. Students will also be provided with instructions on how to schedule a time to meet with their Area Coordinator to discuss their move request and determine where they will move. After a move has been approved, the student will pick up their new room keys on Friday afternoon of the Room Change Week and will have until the following Monday to complete their move and return the keys to their old room. If students move to a residence hall with a different price point, their eBill will be adjusted to reflect the difference.

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Last modified: November 8, 2022