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Living with Others

Living with Others

AU Housing wants students to love living on campus! Whether a resident shares a room or a suite with other Auburn students, they have a responsibility to live cooperatively with them. Today, few college students have experience sharing a room with another person. Many students have grown up having a private bedroom and the idea of sharing space with a non-family member can be daunting. Housing staff is here to help students adjust to this new experience and to help them learn to thrive.

Roommate Relations


All Auburn students have a responsibility to live cooperatively with the roommates or suitemates with whom they share their on-campus home. Roommates or suitemates do not need to be best friends, however, it is important to be kind and considerate of each other.

Whether you are old friends or new to each other, completing a Roommate or Suitemate Agreement is the first step in starting a successful relationship. Students are expected to complete the Roommate or Suitemate Agreement at the beginning of the fall semester or each time you begin living with a new person. Learning to work out issues with your roommate(s) now is great practice for living with others throughout your life.

Three Tips for When Conflicts Arise

  1. Talk to Each OtherWhen a disagreement arises, it is best to talk to your roommate directly -in person- before talking to anyone else. Venting your frustrations to other residents on your floor or on social media can complicate matters. Sit down with them and express your feelings, after all, you’d appreciate this approach too, right? Use “I” statements and avoid an accusatory tone of voice. Let your roommate explain their perspective too. They could also have some behaviors that they would like to address. Remember, you want to feel comfortable living in your room and talking things out can often nip problems in the bud.
  2. Do not let Small Concerns LingerConsistent communication is helpful so you and your roommate(s) can work out problems together. If you don’t share what’s frustrating you, your roommate may not even know that a problem exists! If you address issues in a timely fashion, they may not snowball into something bigger.
  3. Talk to AU Housing StaffIf you have tried to communicate directly with your roommate and it doesn’t seem to be working, or if you need someone to help mediate an issue, talk to one of the RAs in your residence hall. The RA will be able to help you and your roommate resolve conflicts. If all else fails, during the academic year, AU Housing offers a Room Change Week once a semester.

Last modified: May 26, 2022