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Resident Rights and Responsibilities

Resident Rights and Responsibilities

All residents are expected to contribute to welcoming, safe and inclusive residential communities. While living on campus, Housing staff are here to help students learn to develop healthy, respectful, and mutually helpful relationships with others. The rights and responsibilities outlined here provide a roadmap for living cooperatively with others.

Residents have a right to:

  1. Live in a clean, secure, and inclusive living environment
  2. Facilities and programs that support their academic success
  3. The respect and safety of personal property
  4. Study without interruption or interference
  5. Be free from unreasonable noise and other barriers to learning
  6. Expect adherence to Auburn’s policies
  7. Have access to University staff who provide assistance, guidance, and support as needed
  8. Host guests, within Auburn’s Residence Hall Visitation and Guest Policy
  9. Receive equitable treatment when their behavior is in question
  10. Live free of harassment and coercive behavior based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, age, or disability
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Residents have the responsibility to:

  1. Work hard as they pursue intellectual growth both in and outside of the classroom
  2. Demonstrate care and concern for the welfare of others
  3. Accept responsibility for their behavior and the behavior of their guests
  4. Respect the diverse backgrounds and interests of others who are different from them
  5. Constructively resolve conflict in a mature manner
  6. Express themselves using open, authentic, and civil communication
  7. Take the perspectives of others seriously in a respectful manner
  8. Comply with reasonable requests of fellow residents or Auburn officials
  9. Report violations of Auburn rules and regulations to hall staff in a timely manner
  10. Engage in behaviors and contribute to environments which promote personal health and wellness and reduce personal and community harm
  11. Display responsible citizenship by acting in compliance with Auburn’s Code of Student Conduct and residential policies (a.k.a., Community Standards)
  12. Cooperate in the investigation, hearing, or administration of incidents related to alleged violations of Auburn’s Code of Student Conduct and residential policies (a.k.a., Community Standards)
  13. Accept responsibility for personal and community safety
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Last modified: September 5, 2019